The Lake Como School of Advanced Studies is an international research facility.

We run fellowships, short term programmes on a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects, that share a common focus on complex systems.

The School attracts leading scholars in different fields including: physics, biology, economics, sociology, geopolitics, education, environmental and development studies, to engage in collaborative research. In small teams, visitors explore questions at the cutting edge of science and knowledge.


In a context of globalization and in front of the increasing interaction between various kinds of networks, the analysis of complex systems offers insights into economic development, social cohesion and the environment on many geographical scales.

by the director

The “Lake Como School of Advanced Studies” is an international Institute which has been founded in 2013 as the result of a joint effort of four Universities in Regione Lombardia: University of Insubria, Milano University, Milano-Bicocca University and Pavia University.

The purpose of the Institute is the organization of Schools and small workshops. The duration of Schools is variable: typically, it ranges from five to ten days. Their audience is mainly composed of graduate and post graduate students. Topical workshops and meeting are also organized, in order to discuss recent progress in emerging fields of knowledge.

The Institute has an interdisciplinary character and its main focus is on complexity, even though the range of activities it hosts is not limited to it, but it is open to any branch of science. The Institute also organizes popular seminars and lectures, aimed to a wide audience, in an effort towards the dissemination of scientific knowledge, and to educate young generations to science.

In a word: our goal is to create an excellence Centre to contribute to the qualitative enhancement of advanced training and research, in the Lombardy University System. I welcome you to participate in this effort!

Giulio Casati


The School is placed in a central position within Europe, close to four international airports. It is located on Lake Como, in a region of great natural beauty. With its rich cultural heritage it offers an ideal temporary residence for researchers and scientists to pursue their projects.